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How long before I get my Order?

We strife to have orders delivered to you as soon as 5 to 7 working days, however, couple of factors affect how long before your order gets to you:

  • Your location
  • Items in your order – Orders containing multiple items may be printed at different facilities, adding to the shipping time.
  • Orders surge – During specific seasons/times such as Christmas, New year, Graduation periods, we may receive overwhelming orders than can potentially impact the delivery time of your order.

To have deliveries made on schedule, we advice that you send in your orders on time, way ahead of the intended occasion.

Learn more about Shipping in Shipping & Manufacturing

and filling out the form.

Please note: We strife to produce and deliver your order in the shortest possible time, however our priority is on the quality of both product and print. Keeping this standard can sometimes cost us an additional day or two before your order gets to you.

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