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How do I change or cancel my order?

Changing your address? Head over to our Address Changes article.
Has your order already shipped? Click here for more information.

Because each product on Flat Buffer is made to order (no ‘off the rack’ here, mostly), it’s not possible to make changes to orders that have been finalized.

However, you can cancel your order and start over with the right stuff!

Go to your ‘My Account’ page! Just hover your mouse over or click on the ‘More’ option on the navigation bar, and click on ‘My Account’. Once you login, you can view all your orders in the ‘Orders’ section of your dashboard. In addition, you can submit a cancel request by clicking on the Cancel button. You will be issued a refund of part or all of the total price of your original payment. Once processed, refunds may take around 7-12 working days to reflect in your account.

How much refund is made depends on how much work has already gone into producing your order. This will be communicated to you before the refund is made.

While we will attempt to process your order cancelation requests, we are not always able to do so, in which case your cancellation request will not be fulfilled and we will ship your product anyways.

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