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Creativity. Awesomeness. And cash

Creative? Like money? Or just want to print your custom designs?. Just upload your art and designs and leave the rest to us. We arrange for all the printing several quality products and shipping to almost anywhere on earth. Ready? Let’s go. It’s fun, easy, and quick to get started. It's also risk-free and you have complete control over your designs.

How It Works

You upload your designs on Flat Buffer
Our in-house team reviews your designs for originality and all that stuff...
If everything goes well, we will contact you to discuss your terms of payment

Your art on several unique products

You can decide to limit the use of your designs to only the products you purchase, or allow it to be used all of our products for other customers - from t-shirts to masks to mugs, your designs will be printed one at a time by third-party producers on high-quality products. And printing to order means less waste, which is better for the planet.

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